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We Made It Applesauce - Mets finish season with sweep, coaches may be fired, Dykstra's WS ring sold, sudden death tomorrow

Our long nightmare has mercifully ended with a few solid victories. There's always next year. April 5th against the Marlins. Man, that seems like a really long time away. 

Meet the Mets

Jerry Manuel AND Omar Minaya survived the season and it looks like they will make it through the offseason as well. The same probably can't be said for the Met coaching staff, however.

Howard Megdal wants to keep Jerry Manuel, mainly because the alternatives aren't as great as we think.

Metsradamus doesn't believe yesterday's official attendance numbers.

The Daily Stache would have Amazin' Avenue working with Toby Hyde to run the Met farm system.

The Daily News catches up with 1986 shortstop Rafael Santana.

Vanity Fair joins the list of amateur coroners performing autopsies on the 2009 Mets. Circling the Bases contributes one as well.

Lenny Dykstra's 1986 World Series ring sold for $56,000.

Two pictures of note. Here's the first. And then this one, which will haunt my dreams.

Around the NL East

The Marlins are considering a managerial change, with the apparent goal of hiring Bobby Valentine

The Nationals won their sixth straight to close out the season, helping to lead Atlanta to finish with a six game losing streak.

Jimmy Rollins scored 100 runs with an on-base percentage below .300, just the second time in MLB history that someone got so lucky.

Around MLB

Detroit and Minnesota will play Tuesday for the chance to take on the Yankees in the NLDS. Nicely done Minnesota. In a semi-related note, Miguel Cabrera will not talk about his black eye, although there are reports that it came from a domestic disturbance.

Joe Mauer pretty much sealed up his MVP award yesterday, but helped to put Zack Greinke's Cy Young in jeopardy. Mauer's MVP is such a sure thing that even Mike Silva has changed his Texeira pick.

Two general managers have been fired already: JP Ricciardi and Kevin Towers. Towers is complaining that the Padres didn't give their reasons for the termination. Does he really need anything beyond the standings and their farm system as reasons?

The Blue Jays players are lobbying for a new manager.

Beyond the Box Score lists the 30 largest Latin American signing bonuses of all time