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Chris Carter Applesauce - Mets complete trade, Gomez pities the Mets, Phillies lose

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Meet the Mets

Carlos Gomez says he has felt sorry for the Mets the last two seasons. Thanks Carlos.

Ted Berg explains why he's actually a little excited about Chris Carter, who is now finally a Met. Plus he uses a quote from Lester Freamon.

Around the NL East

The Phillies hit a bump in the road yesterday as Cole Hamels struggled in the daylight. In response, Charlie Manuel was forced to burn through half his pitching staff just "trying to win."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article about Braves super prospect Jason Heyward that also mentions that pitchers Derek Lowe and/or Kenshin Kawakami might be traded. 

Marlins first base coach Andy Fox has turned down the organization's offer for a new position.

Around MLB

The White Sox will look to move Jermaine Dye, Bobby Jenks, and Octavio Dotel this offseason with Dotel already expressing an interest in playing for the Mets.

Did the Twins' celebration make them sluggish for Game 1 with the Yankees?

Matt Holliday had a costly error in last night's Cardinal loss at Dodger Stadium.

Another potential Met target had a significantly better evening.

It is a little tone deaf for TBS to play a Captain Morgan ad right next to an ad about the Angels playing for Nick Adenhart.

Lookout Landing has a great post on what Felix Hernandez has meant to Mariners fans since he came up.