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Overbay Applesauce - Mets rumored to move Castillo, buying high with Wolf, Riggleman v. Valentine

Let the rumor mill begin its grinding. I think for everyone's sanity, I vow to only post a maximum of one rumor per day. 

Meet the Mets

As was much discussed last night, MLB Trade Rumors reported that a three way deal involving Lyle Overbay coming to the Mets for Luis Castillo was being considered. The deal is still a long shot.

At least Mark Herrmann tries to think outside the box. Besides the whole impossibility thing, my complaint about the column is the characterization that the Mets are a disaster. They're bad and the management has been sub-par, but they certainly are not on the same level as the Atlanta Braves back in the day. 

Bernie Madoff's Met jacket is pretty amazing.

Some video of Met prospects in the AFL to send along. Here's Ruben Tejada's swing without the old leg kick.  And here's Jeurys Familia's awkward delivery.

The Mets interest in Randy Wolf to make up for not signing him last year is not smart.

Around the NL East

Reports around the Nationals say that Washington is deciding between Jim Riggleman and Bobby Valentine for their vacant managerial position.

Cole Hamels' awesomely imploding 2009 continues.

Crashburn Alley points out that Chone Figgins plays third base and that Philadelphia now needs a third baseman.

Around MLB

The Yankees are willing to throw AJ Burnett level cash at John Lackey. But they're not quite ready to throw $25,000/year to adopt a highway.