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Pineiro Applesauce - Mets show interest in Figgins and Pineiro, Nats choose Riggleman, NL Gold Gloves announced

So, I'm trying a new format today. Thoughts? Criticisms? 

Meet the Mets

Mets will try to keep Figgins from Philadelphia

I don't exactly have a place to put him, but would love to have Figgins.

Jon Heyman twitters that the Mets will look at Pineiro

3 years $30 million is awfully steep for a one-year wonder.

1986 + MTV

H/t to Metsmerized. Who would have ever known that Lenny Dykstra would reach such heights. He is so... articulate.

Toby Hyde's got Ike Davis video

Ah... That looks about right. Scouting the Sally also brings us some Eric Beaulac video.

David Wright will be fine, at least at the plate

Phew, I can rest easy now. 2010 is all squared away then.

Matt Holliday will use the Mets to make more money elsewhere

This still would be better than signing him to a Mark Teixeira-level contract. I'd rather be spurned at the beginning of the courtship than be stuck with him for 8 years.

Around the NL East

Washington Nationals to keep Jim Riggleman as full-time manager 

I guess I can keep my vigil going for Bobby Valentine then. Even though Fire Jim Bowden thinks it's too close to call.

Matt Lindstrom on the trading block
Pure speculation, but always interesting. Another one who got away.

Around MLB

BtB evaluates the NL Gold Glove selections

Yeah, no major complaints from me about this year's choices. Hudson did probably win on reputation, however. Rob Neyer gives his take as well.

The Dodgers are Ignoring Orlando Hudson

Spurned in favor of Ronnie Belliard. This is the Mets' savior?

Matsui has no plans to return to Japan

I take it that he's either satisfied for now with his porn collection or he found a suitable dealer here.

Jermaine Dye had a rough fielding year in 2009

Victor Zambrano's mom is safe

Griffey stays with Mariners for 2010

The farewell tour just added a few more shows.

New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox both shopping for Roy Halladay 

The Mets might be "favourites", but beware the AL East arms race.

Pete Rose lobbies for his girlfriend to appear in Playboy

No comment.