AAOP: Champtionship

Well, it was a disappointing year for the Mets to say the least. After coming so close to a championship, the Mets FO's overconfidence in their current roster lead to an off season filled with only minor moves mostly involving the bullpen and somewhat acknowledging the starting rotation. Well, we saw where that got us, a disappointing 73 wins. While I'm normally a rational member of AA, it's time to blow the core. Here is my proposal to shake up this entire roster and bring the WS trophy over the Tri-Borough RFK Bridge back to Queens!

1. Sign either Greg Maddux or Satoru Komiyama whichever one is actually available.

2. Trade 3.5 WARP Robin Ventura for 1.1 WARP David Justice.

3. Trade 1.1 WARP David Justice for .6 WARP Mark Guthrie.

Why sacrifice that 2.9 WARP you ask? So, that we have the money to trade for a player that had a 7.3 WARP in the previous season.

4. Trade Alex Escobar, Matt Lawton (-1.2 WARP,) Jerrod Riggan, Earl Snyder, and Billy Traber for Roberto Alomar. I know, this trade is a bit unrealistic but for some reason the Indians want to move the future hall of famer so if we move fast I think this package gets it done.

5. Sign David Weathers. He may be ugly but judging from his past season, last year's .8 WARP was a fluke and he should bounce back to his normal 2.0 WARP territory. Touchdown Mets.

6. Trade James K's favorite player, Desi Relaford, and everyone else's favorite player, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, for Shawn Estes. I know this one stings a bit, I mean we love those two players and Estes is overrated due to his 19 win season in '97 and the fact that his ERA has not been close to his DERA...and he's also injured a lot, and, yes, he's making too much money but we're going to need a pitcher after my next move.

7. Trade Kevin Appier (4.0 WARP) for Mo Vaughn. I know he didn't play a single game last year, he has old player skills, he's was already declining the past seasons before the injury and he has a huge contract. By c'mon. I mean this is Mo Fuckin' Vaughn.

8. In between moves 6 and 7, I signed Roger Cedeno to a four year 18 million dollar contract. He had a -0.3 WARP last season and a .9 WARP the season before, but just call this one a feeling.

9. Lastly, to fix that hole in RF that we have. Trade Lenny Harris, Glendon Rusch (.9 WARP,) Benny Agbayani (.5 WARP) and Todd Zeile (2.4 WARP) for Jeromy Burnitz (3.7 WARP) and Jeff D'Amico (-.8 in only 47 innings.)

10. Oh yeah, and select Endy Chavez off waivers.

11. Then lose Endy Chavez off waivers 21 days later.

Overall, my plan has completely exploded the core as we now have a new LF, RF, 2nd basemen, 1st basemen, two starters and a bunch of new bullpen arms. The payroll has increased by $23 million to $117 and there are some question marks. Can Mo Vaughn bounce back? Is Burnitz overrated due to hitting a park perfectly suited for his style of play? I'm I just acquiring Cedeno, Estes and D'Amico due to one good season they had a few years ago that might just be a fluke? Allow me to answer those questions with a question of my own, were there not a lot of questions regarding the 1986 Mets?

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