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Wedge Applesauce - Mets look at Wedge for bench coach, Thole in physical danger?, Madoff's jacket sells

Meet the Mets

I think I'll retract my desire to see Chone Figgins as a Met if it means him in left field and Castillo remaining at second.

MLB Trade Rumors also passes along a quote saying that the Mets are not a desirable destination for players.

Hot Foot argues that the Mets should take a flyer on Chien-Ming Wang.

Mets Merized has taken on the mantle of being Jeff Francoeur's primary defender and is starting to sound a little paranoid. Ted Berg concedes partly to this, but prays that the Mets don't extend the contract.

The Mets are considering former Cleveland manager Eric Wedge for a position on the bench.

New York is also thinking of bringing back Josh Thole from Venezuela after a rash of kidnappings.

Baseball America is impressed so far with Jenrry Mejia.

Bernie Madoff's Met jacket sold for $14,500.

Despite his amazing ability to take up Nick Evans' playing time, Fernando Tatis was a pretty valuable bench player.

Around the NL East

Elijah Dukes got ejected in a fall league game. Nicely done.

Would the Braves really think about giving up a first round pick for Billy Wagner?

Around MLB

NYBD's post regarding Carl Crawford's unhappiness (linked to as fact here; I'm hanging my head in shame on this one) has been widely discredited. More here. Silva, in response, even mocked the Tampa region

More Tampa bay stuff. DRaysBay talks with GM Andrew Friedman. Compare this transcript to anything Omar has ever said.

Spit target and umpire John Hirschbeck calls Roberto Alomar a good friend and a sure Hall of Famer.

Would it make sense for the Pirates to unload Ryan Doumit now?

Jason Fry has some suggestions for improving beat writers' product.