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Jauss Applesauce - Mets go with Jauss as bench coach, Backman seems like shadow manager, Marquis and Mets are "perfect fit"

Meet the Mets

Bart Hubbuch writes that Wally Backman would be the logical heir to Jerry Manuel should the Mets dump their manager mid-season. Jason Fry is a little hesitant to take that risk. At this point, I can see the Mets going with Backman to appease the grission crowd, but it would be odd to jump over a candidate like Tim Teufel who has been a loyal, competent, and controversy-free manager in the Met minor league system for a few years already.

Speaking of Met coaches/managers, the new bench coach is Dave Jauss.

Carlos Beltran continues to be a class act off the field.

Jason Marquis thinks that his home town Mets are a perfect fit as his new home. The guy was an All-Star AND won 15 games...

Ben Shpigel puts in a pitch for Carlos Delgado. I'm starting to think that he might be the best choice at this point.

The Mets have shown some interest in John Smoltz this off-season who has mentioned that he'd be willing to go to the bullpen as well.

Around the NL East

The Nationals may actually get involved in the 2010 off-season by making a bid on John Lackey. I see this ending like Mark Texeira.

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman owed former Mariner skipper John McLaren something.

Crashburn Alley thinks it might be time to sell high on JA Happ.

Around MLB

Sabremetric follower Zack Greinke won the Cy Young almost unanimously. Justin Verlander took one vote away, however. Here's why.

Toronto will allow any team that trades for Roy Halladay a window to negotiate a contract extension

John Lackey is hoping to land a Barry Zito level contract. Oh my.

Sandy Alomar Jr. is leaving the Met system to return to Cleveland.

Yu Darvish shared the MVP award with Alex Ramirez in Japan's Central League. Darvish posted a 1.73 ERA.