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Damon Applesauce - Bay or Holliday for the Mets?, Philly newspapers having issues, Jeter wins Aaron

It's a good thing that I've seen Yankee repeat championships before. However, can you imagine how insufferably gritty the Phillies will become if they come back to win this thing?

Meet the Mets

Aaron Yorke at the Daily Stache debates which right-handed left fielder is better for the Mets: Jason Bay or Matt Holliday.

Around the NL East

Some fine moments in Philadelphia newspapers so far in the World Series. The Inquirer prints an ad congratulating the Phillies for repeating. The Daily News shows a little too much confidence.

Frank Fitzpatrick bashes Cole Hamels for not having enough Philly in him. Hamels could not be reached for comment while looking down on Philadelphia from his luxury home in the sky.

Philly fans were caught throwing coins at the Yankee players. That's still an improvement over batteries, I guess.

Around MLB

Cue the hyperbole for Johnny Damon's two stolen bases on one pitch. Does anyone do it better than Jayson Stark?

Derek Jeter gets a fictional defender in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Lookout Landing though has some issues with him winning the Hank Aaron Award as the American League's best hitter.

The Yankees are not counting on Melky Cabrera in center for tonight's game.

Damaso Marte is having a Graeme Lloyd-esque postseason.