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The Bengie Horror Picture Show

Some are out watching the "New Moon" premiere and even fewer are at a midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".  With the advent of free agency, we are here to amaze you with astonishing tales of Bengie Molina, courtesy of some of the best blogs around.  Let's do the time warp again:

Bengie NO-Lina: BlueAndOrange

Some Things About Bengie Molina: Tedquarters

Running The Bases - Part 3: The Laggards: Fangraphs

Mo'Lina Mo'Problems or: Why Bengie Molina To The Mets Is A Bad Idea: Amazin' Avenue

Note: I could probably link to about 1000 McCovey Chronicles posts on the subject but I won't.  Just go there and ask about Bengie if you need some guidance.