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Long Overdue Applesauce - Mets may play in Puerto Rico, Sheets and Guillen rumors, Marlins may trade Johnson

Meet the Mets

MLB is hoping to get the Mets to agree to play some of their road games against the Marlins in Puerto Rico. As Craig Calcaterra points out, this is good news for David Wright's fantasy overlords.

The Mets are hoping to land John Lackey, but if he falls through they will look long and hard at Ben Sheets. Other names mentioned include Pineiro, Marquis, and Wolf. News that the Mets might not make an all out push to throw money around drove some blogs to despair.

Here is the annual Jose Guillen to the Mets rumor.

Time to give Bleacher Report some credit for this one. They try to use WAR to add up a playoff team.

Around the NL East

The Marlins talks with ace Josh Johnson have denigrated significantly. Don't worry Marlins fans, Ross Gload will make it all better.

Matthew Pouliot gives the Phillies scary good odds to land Roy Halladay.

Around MLB

The old school is griping about the lack of wins among this year's Cy Young winners. Well, if they want wins so badly, they should be pushing for these guys.

Joe Mauer's future contract talks should be amazing.