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Mauer Applesauce - Mets do not trade for AL MVP, Keith back with SNY, Shea in theaters

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Meet the Mets

We can all rest a little easier now: Keith Hernandez is remaining with SNY for next season.

Josh Thole hit his second home run of the short season while batting lead off. Speaking of catchers, Will Davidan is furious that the Mets missed out on bringing in a cheap major league catcher in George Kottaras. It's all related to Omar's handling of the 40 man roster, which has been questionable.

Like Jerry Seinfeld said, rooting for your favorite team rooting for a uniform.

Ted Berg thinks that Omar and Jim Hendry have a deal, they're just waiting for a sucker to take Milton Bradley.

Well, there's at least one reason to go and see the movie Old Dogs, Shea Stadium.

Around the NL East

Now it looks like the Marlins will keep Jorge Cantu around next season

Joe Mauer News

Mauer wins the AL MVP vote, but the biggest news is that some dude voted for Miguel Cabrera.

Following the award, the Twins seem optimistic at their chances of signing Mauer to an extension, preferably by Christmas. 

Twinkie Town got a hold of some private letters to some of the other MVP candidates.

Other Assorted Baseball Stuff

Mike Silva has decided to take on the whole state of Florida which clearly is simply another Carl Crawford reaction piece.

White Sox GM Kenny Williams calls out his closer for being overweight. I love the White Sox.