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Eminent Domain Applesauce - Mets keep Oberkfell, Willets Point rehabilitation, Todd Zeile for the HOF

Hope everyone is enjoying their leftovers so far. Some pretty good stuff out there in the last few days. Take a look.

Meet the Mets

Doesn't this Jose Guillen rumor sound like exactly the sort of thing the Mets would do? 

There are some strong performances to report in off-season play. Tobi Stoner is turning some heads and might be a consideration for the rotation. Josh Thole continues to rake and Lance Broadway has been strong.

Bob Klapisch thinks it'll take more than just one year to get the Mets back on track.

The Mets are keeping Ken Oberkfell in Buffalo.

The Wilpons are probably ecstatic that a federal judge just helped clear the way for development around Citi Field.

Omar has a really bad habit of using Carlos Beltran as a crutch to make up for mediocre corner outfielders.

Around the NL East

Jamie Moyer was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday in a setback from his earlier surgery.

Around MLB

There are new names on the Hall of Fame ballot: Alomar, Martinez, Larkin, McGriff, Zeile?

Yankee Stadium voice Bob Sheppard has officially retired.

Former Padres GM Kevin Towers is a hot commodity as a potential advisor.

Andruw Jones will join Omar Vizquel on the White Sox. If this were the late 90s, that would be a pretty amazing middle of the field defensively.

Mike Silva continues to look down on Florida baseball.

In a pretty amazing story, former Yankee reliever Ross Ohlendorf has become an intern at the Department of Agriculture.

Roy Halladay would waive his no-trade clause in a deal to the Yankees.

MLB Trade Rumors discusses the trades of the decade. It has to be A-Rod for Soriano, doesn't it? I mean as long as it wasn't Zambrano for Kazmir.

Sammy Sosa is facing some legal problems back in the Dominican Republic surrounding a real estate commission that Sosa has failed to pay.