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Shinjo Applesauce - Davis named AFL all-star, Francoeur surgery, Hamels fight, Phils' sign stealing

Meet the Mets

Some minor league news to pass along to you all. Ike Davis has been named to the AFL Rising Stars Game (kind of like an All-Star team). Also, Reese Havens will give second base a try.

Thank you Ted Berg for posting about Tsuyoshi Shinjo. That made my day. I once had a Shinjo poster for my dorm room. Good times.

Jeff Francouer had surgery on his hand without anesthesia. That is what men do. Only half of that first sentence is true.

Congratulations to Wally Backman for having an awesome mustache.

Would the Mets consider trading John Maine and F! to get a big bat or another good starter?

Around the NL East

Apparently, Cole Hamels' Philly teammates didn't appreciate the starter's desire to have the season be over already. This is great. The one benefit to having the Series continue is that there's more of a chance that bad blood will boil over and more good controversy comes out. For example, Larry Bowa and Shane Victorino are in a spat over allegations of Philadelphia sign stealing.

Philadelphia turns to Pedro, once again.

Federal Baseball takes a look at the Nationalsin-house solutions for their atrocious starting pitching rotation.

Around MLB

The Fielding Bible announced their 2009 awards.

Think umpiring is bad now? Apparently it has only improved since the 1970s.

So what if baseball can't really honestly be called the national pastime anymore?