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Amazin' Avenue Caption Contest: The Final Vote

5:50pm: The voting has concluded and we have a winner. Congratulations to longtime AA-er cjmulrain as we all had a good laugh at the expense of the Mets' front office. The winning caption:

Mark Anthony: "After I told him I’m actually a singer, I don't play baseball, Omar upped his offer to 3 years, $36 million."
Beltran & Pedro: "Hahaha. Classic Omar."
Johan thought bubble: "I wish I had just re-signed with the Twins."

It was a challenge to whittle the fifty or so caption contest entries down to a handful, and not for the reason you think. Here are the 'best' captions for the picture shown above; the entry with the most votes will win a copy of the Bill James Handbook 2010 courtesy of ACTA Sports.

The poll will be open until 5pm today. Good luck.