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Black Friday Applesauce - Met store is ghost town, Ike is the new Strawberry, Marlins rumor mill cools

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Why do I find the image of an empty Met store on Black Friday to be unbearably sad? Although, the idea of spending $266 for a Met jersey makes me a little nauseous.

Meet the Mets

The full picture of Black Friday isn't out yet, but anecdotal evidence doesn't bode well for the Mets having a banner day. Ted Berg thinks that this might lead the Mets to try for that off-season victory they are so famous for.

Darryl Strawberry offers some words of advice to the Mets' new left-handed power prospect.

Seth Livingstone provides a decent summary of where the Mets stand right now. This is the first I've really heard of Fernando Martinez starting in left next year.

John Delcos thinks the Mets should strongly consider Miguel Cabrera.

A more savvy move would be Kelly Shoppach.

And, here's some lovely Met-hatred from a class Yankee fan.

Around the NL East

The Phillies snagged DeWayne Wise, the man whose grit saved the perfect game.

Let's cool the Marlin trade mill for now. That includes this newer Hanley Ramirez rumor.

Around MLB

Derek Jeter is this year's SI Sportsman of the Year.

There are multiple reports of Bud being done after 2012.

St. Jetersburg. I love it.

Joe Posnanski highlights some of the players who came close to the Hall of Fame.

Could some teams be afraid of Roy Halladay's age and potential health issues?

And, finally, some racy photos of Grady Sizemore have made their way around the internet. I doubt that this will cause as much stir as Erin Andrews.