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Mattingly Applesauce - Met prospect Allen impresses, Mattingly not a match in DC, Padilla injured in gun accident

The ripping of Cole Hamels continues. This is like what we did to Beltran, except to the extreme.

Meet the Mets

Want to see what all the hype is about with Ike Davis? Well, you'll get your chance on Saturday as the MLB Network will broadcast the AFL's Rising Stars game.

Mike Newman of Scouting the Sally has video and nice words about Met pitching prospect Kyle Allen.

Ted Berg asks "Can Daniel Murphy be a guy?" Yes, that is an intentionally deceiving summary.

Around the NL East

Washington has decided it will  not go with Don Mattingly either because he doesn't want them or vice versa.

John Gonzalez has his two cents about Cole Hamels: the wimp.

Around MLB

The Daily Show determines who has douchier fans, New York or Philly. Fortunately, Philly wins this one, but I can't say that I was proud.

It looks like Toronto wants to keep Rod Barajas around for next year.

Nick Swisher is apparently quite the player.

Vicente Padilla pulled a Plaxico.

The Rays have traded second baseman Akinori Iwamura to Pittsburgh.