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It's Finally Over Applesauce - SNY Met promos, Rollins unbelieving, Phils undecided on Lee

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I thought that with the end of the Met season, the pain would stop. I was so wrong. Now, finally, I can be at peace for at least a few months.

Meet the Mets

It's kind of weird starting today's post off with Met news, but here goes.

Bill James predicts solid seasons from Wright, Reyes, and Francoeur

Ted Berg posts some hysterical SNY promos that didn't make the cut.

At least now the Mets weren't the last team the Yankees beat in the World Series...

Greg Prince breaks out his inner Toby Ziegler. While Ziegler was a Yankee fan, Met fans always had the significantly more enjoyable Josh Lyman on their side.

Around the NL East

The Phillies are apparently still undecided about extending Cliff Lee's contract.

USA Today picks up on the hating on Cole Hamels.

Jimmy "Subtle" Rollins says the Phillies were still the better team.

And, just to rub some salt in their wounds, the Daily News prints a psychiatrist's advice for Philly fans.

Jim Riggleman might end up with the National managerial job after all.

The Braves have added bullpen arm Scott Proctor.

Around MLB

The new Yankee Stadium feels like the old one because of the magic. Ugh. Lupica.

Hideki Matsui is the first Japanese-born World Series MVP. How about that.

The Yankee victory parade is scheduled for tomorrow. Had they won, the city of Philadelphia would not have paid for their's. Last night's victory was quite tame by Philadelphia standards.

Seattle has picked up Yusmeiro Petit

The Rangers have replaced Rudy Jaramillo with Clint Hurdle.