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Type B Applesauce - Met free agents given B status, Putz option declined, Hermida to Boston

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Have a good weekend everyone. I'm taking a little off-season weekend break. Enjoy the links.

Meet the Mets

Metsblog reports that Carlos Delgado, Brian Schneider, and Gary Sheffield will be Type B free agents during this offseason.

That JJ Putz trade didn't work out so well long-term or short. He could still remain valuable to the Mets as a jersey designer though.

Metsradamus is already worried that Omar is slow out of the off-season gate.

Around the NL East

The Good Phight has an awesome take on who else is not Philly enough on the Phillies.

Florida has traded Jeremy Hermida to Boston.

Tim Hudson and the Braves are close to agreeing to a contract extension.

Around MLB

Lupica does it again. This time the championship is awesome because of the wait.

Joe Girardi had a pretty amazing Wednesday night.

Tim Lincecum was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphenalia.

The Angels have finally agreed to a contract with Bobby Abreu, this one for significantly more than his last.

And, finally, the Dodgers have cut ties with Jon Garland.