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Free Agency Begins Applesauce - AFL updates, Mets likely to be active in market, Phils cut Feliz

Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde gives us a quick update on the status of Met prospects in the AFL. First, the hitters. Then the pitchers.

MLB Trade Rumors believes that the Mets are likely to end up with Matt Holliday, Randy Wolf, and Brad Penny in their free agent shopping cart.

Let's reminisce about 40 years of Sesame Street with a Ron Darling guest appearance.

Around the NL East

The Phillies are clearing house a little, declining Pedro Feliz's $5 million option.

Shane Victorino gives us another reason to hate him: Jon Gosselin.

Washington also got rid of some dead weight.

Whatever the Marlins got for Jeremy Hermida was pretty underwhelming.

Around MLB

Jon Stewart congratulates the Yankees appropriately.

Victor Zambrano's mother was kidnapped from his home in Venezuela. Not cool.

Yankee fans, in their overflowing excitement from having to wait 9 years for a World Series, threw confidential documents in the ticker tape parade when the confetti ran out.

Ken Griffey Jr. might be back in Seattle next season.

Joe Girardi might have to wrestle Shelley Duncan to get the #28.