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Cora Applesauce - Mets re-sign Cora, snag a perpetual Phillie, add Krivsky, rare Seaver video

Maybe Omar signed Cora to such an obscene contract because he's next in line to be manager when Jerry gets canned in June.

Meet the Mets

Omar fired the opening shots in his offseason plan, unfortunately they involved a $2 million contract for Alex Cora (with a vesting option!) and signing backup catcher Chris Coste. The reaction to the Cora signing was almost universally negative. Adam Bernacchio points out that the White Sox signed both Omar Vizquel and Andruw Jones for less money. Joe Janish uses extreme sarcasm in response. Toby Hyde wonders what the heck the discussion in the Met war room has sounded like. Blue and Orange just doesn't get it. Neither does Ted Berg

Mets Walkoffs sees the genius in Omar's plan: get all players who have had walk off hits against the Mets.

Oh, and Chris Coste will always see himself as a Phillie. Awesome.

In somewhat positive news, the Mets added Wayne Krivsky to their front office. I doubt that this will help land Felipe Lopez.

Howard Megdal thinks that the jerseys aren't selling because we don't really have any emotional attachment to them. Yet...

Also, to put a smile on your face, here's video of Tom Seaver's MLB debut.

Cookie Lavagetto. That's all.

Around the NL East

The Phillies are checking out Mike Lowell as a solution at third base.

Around MLB

Joe Mauer is in the driver's seat with his contract extension.

Aroldis Chapman's defection was pretty big news. This defection will probably get a lot less attention.

The Cardinals have picked up potential free agent bargain Ruben Gotay.

Chip Caray will be looking for new work after parting ways with Turner Sports.

David Roher goes all high-brow explaining why strikeouts don't matter.