Mets Restructure Henry Blanco's Contract

Ken Davidoff dishes on the Mets' restructuring of Henry Blanco's contract. Overall, the guaranteed portion has dropped from $1.45 million to $750k. He can make up the other $700k via easily-attained roster bonuses. Just by keeping the shoulder healthy, he will get back up to the initially agreed upon figure of $1.45 million. The breakdown is as such: $5,000 each for days 1 through 80 on the roster, $4,500 each for days 81 through 135 and $3,500 each for days 136 through 150. The emphasis above is mine. As Davidoff goes on to explain, the roster incentives only protect the Mets against a potential shoulder injury. Any time Blanco spends on the disabled list due to a non-shoulder injury counts towards his roster bonuses. At all events, Blanco will earn the full original $1.45 million as long as his shoulder is healthy. In exchange for reducing the guaranteed portion of the contract the Mets agreed to raise the total possible value of the deal to $2.225 million, though the difference is made up for by tough-to-attain bonuses, as Davidoff explains. $50,000 each for starting 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 games. $75,000 each for starting 85, 90, 95 and 100 games. $50,000 for winning the Most Valuable Player award, with $25,000 for second place and $10,000 for third. $25,000 for League Championship Series MVP. $50,000 for World Series MVP. $25,000 each for the Gold Glove or Silver Slugger award. $50,000 for making the All-Star Game. So basically the deal just protects the Mets a bit. If Blanco starts even 60 games the Mets are probably in trouble for reasons that have nothing to do with Henry Blanco.