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Scott Boras for Mets GM

Steve Popper gives insight from a Mets' official as to the team's thinking in offering Jason Bay a (rumored) 4 year/$65MM contract. Among the notable points from the piece:

The Mets wanted a bat and with Daniel Murphy locked it at first base

Daniel Murphy: .741 OPS. I guess if the Mets finally get a decent left fielder, they need to put the big offensive downside in the only more important offensive position. You know, just to make things interesting. 

- They think his swing fits Citi Field.

He's a righty pull-hitter, which (we think) is slightly better than being a left pull-hitter in Citi Field. That's a consideration, but not really a deal breaker. If they really want to get some righty pull-power, and to replace Castillo, might I suggest Jose Lopez.

- Despite the numbers, they like him defensively over Holliday.

That's not surprising. 

- Again, despite what Boras said, they insist he is a better athlete than Holliday.

However, despite Bay's citizenship, they insist Holliday is more Canadian. 

- Have we mentioned that the Mets don’t have to deal with Boras if they go for Holliday.

You haven't, but good point. 

Well I'm not so sure they're just bidding on bay to bring down Holliday's price now.