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A Potentially Bizarre Lineup

A thought I just had: if the Mets sign Bay, Molina, and, for the sake of argument, Nick Johnson, this would be the lineup, sorted by 2009 walk rate:

Nick Johnson 17.8% (1st in MLB)

Jason Bay 15.0%

Carlos Beltran 13.2%

Luis Castillo 12.4%

David Wright 12.2%

Jose Reyes 10.9% 

--League Avg: 8.89%--

Jeff Francoeur: 3.7% (fourth worst in MLB)

Bengie Molina: 2.6% (last in MLB)

Daniel Murphy, the more likely firstvbaseman, had av7.0% mark, although he could really range from Francoeur-esque discipline to above-average, depending on which Murphy shows up in 2010. Imagine facing that kind of dropoff as a pitcher. I predict: Jeff Francoeur, .305 OBP, 150 RBIs.