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Roy Halladay Applesauce - World ends for the Mets, Seattle looks amazing, Holliday gets 8 year offer, Torrealba time

A big thanks to James for filling in last week. I was taking a break to make sure that I didn't flunk out of law school. Hopefully, it worked.

Roy Halladay news

Get ready people, the Phillies have made a major news and the Mets have done nothing. Guess this means it's time to panic and hate on the Mets. I mean, the Phillies just got the best player this offseason, how can the Mets compete? But, wait. What's this? Phillie fans are hating this move? (More here. And here.) It looks like this is the ultra-rare trade that is a loss for both the Phillies and the Mets. How about that. 

I think we all know who the winner though in this trade is: Seattle. Here's a quick update (probably will change, if it hasn't already) of the prospects getting moved.

Royals Review manages to make me depressed even by insulting the Phillies.

By the way, if the Mets had landed Halladay, which they could never have done, the Wilpons should have brought in Survivor to do his entrance music (watch until the end)

Meet the Mets

This Mike Silva post cracked me up. Looks like St. Louis has offered an 8 YEAR DEAL to Matt Holliday at a $16 million average, which, by his calculations means $128 million total. This also means that the Mets will probably have to include a fifth year to land Bay, which is actually a fair point. Do we really want to go down this path though? What is the over/under on years before the Matt Holliday contract becomes an anchor around the Cardinals' neck? Why is it that the only answer that Met commentators have to the Mets' current mess is to continue making the same mistakes? Or, when all else fails, we can blame the fact that Omar only signs Latinos.

Speaking of repeating mistakes, the Mets might still have interest in Yorvit Torrealba, even in the midst of a grievance hearing.

Let's just hope that the Mets don't sign Jason Bay to a 9 year, $250 million deal to sell a few extra season tickets to the Canadian ex-pats living in New York. Or agree to a three year deal with Bengie Molina.

The Eddie Kranepool Society has a post about his favorite teams, some of whom manage to honor their history.

Here is your totally random ex-Met news of the day: Scott Strickland has wound up with the Marlins.

And finally, here's your chance to hang out with Ted Berg, James Kannengieser, Sam Page, and Joe Janish. Tomorrow night. 500 West 43rd St (at 10th Avenue).