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Igarashi Applesauce - Mets may or may not have signed reliever, Marquis may want DC

I'm still not sure that Met Christmas parties will ever be the same since Anna Benson's own take on the tradition. Jeff Francouer had awfully big shoes to fill. 

Meet the Mets

Matt Cerrone may have jumped the gun in this announcement, but it does look like the Mets are seriously involved in negotiations for Japanese relief pitcher Ryota Igarashi. Even if Igarashi eventually signs with Boston, Will Davidian says we should be encouraged by this type of thought process from the Minaya administration. But then we hear news like this and I start to worry again.

John Harper thinks that this slow offseason is actually because Tony Bernazard isn't there. 

That still doesn't mean that Minaya is off the hot seat

A few funny Jason Bay posts to pass along. Metsradamus and Oh Murph.

Jason Marquis is flirting with the homely neighbor in order in get daddy's attention.

Say what you will about Jeff Francoeur, he does have a weird ability to show up everywhere. And be happy while doing it.

The Mets signed two teenage Dutch prospects. One hit .243 and the other is a utility player. 

Mike Silva does a nice time capsule piece on the 1991 winter meetings.

Around the NL East

David S. Cohen at the Good Phight wishes the Phillies had just raised ticket prices.

Josh Johnson's agent expects his client to be traded following this season.

Around MLB

Aroldis Chapman hit 96 mph on the radar gun during yesterday's bullpen session

Joel Pineiro is looking for a four-year deal. My nightmare offseason: Pineiro (4 yrs/$48 mill), Marquis (3 yrs/$30 mill), and Bengie Molina (3 yrs/$27 mill).

The Royals have snagged former Met prospect and Johan-bait Philip Humber.

Rob Neyer points out the savvy in the Mike Cameron signing.

The Blue Jays turned Michael Taylor into Brett Wallace as Billy Beane just had to get involved.

MLB has brought in Tony La Russa, Jim Leyland, Joe Torre, and Mike Scioscia to lead a commission on instant replay. Do you think any one of them knows how to use a TiVo?