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Jose Reyes Applesauce - Igarashi Signs, Talking Met Fans Off The Ledge, Best Defenders Of The Decade

It was great hanging out with some Mets bloggers and Amazin' Avenue members at last night's Hot Stove Huddle. A thank you goes out to Will Davidian at BlueAndOrange for organizing the event, and to those who took part in the panel discussions: Joe Janish of MetsToday, Kerel Cooper of OnTheBlack, Ted Berg of Tedquarters, Chris Wilcox of BlueAndOrange, Sagiv Edelman of FireJerryManuel, Bryan Horowitz of SportsAngle, our own Sam Page and Mark Himmelstein, and last but not least, Ken Davidoff of Newsday.

Meet the Mets

Jose Reyes
sat down with Mike Francesa yesterday and the interview went swimmingly. The hat he wore is on my Christmas list.

Relief pitcher Ryota Igarashi signed with the Mets. If you can read Japanese, here is a post confirming the signing (via NPB Tracker). Metstradamus weighs in with some video footage of Igarashi.

Matt Cerrone echoes some of Eric's sentiments in a thoughtful post, advising Met fans to remain calm.

Patrick Flood wonders if there is any hope for Oliver Perez.

SILive looks at the top 10 low points for the Mets this decade.

Ex-Met news: the Blue Jays signed Lance Broadway.

Around the NL East

The Good Phight has some reservations about the cost to acquire Roy Halladay but is ultimately happy to have the ace join the team.

Halladay attended last night's Sixers game.

Federal Baseball recaps the buzz that the Nationals are interested in Jason Marquis, Joel Pineiro and Jon Garland.

Around MLB

MGL lists the best defensive players of the decade, according to UZR.

The Orioles signed reliever Mike Gonzalez for two years, $12 million.

Fonzie Forever continues its retrospective of this decade in baseball, this time looking at the year 2002.

Gaslamp Ball provides a recap of Padres Season Ticket Holder Night. Some good stuff in there, including news that Padres lead owner Jeff Moorad reads Gaslamp Ball.

This Royals Review post made me laugh out loud: "Who Was Your Least Favorite Royal Of 2009?"