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Arroyo Applesauce - Mets interested in Reds' starter, Francoeur's media push, Halladay relied on 9 year old

Finally, a free man once again. Now to figure out what's been happening in the world.

Meet the Mets

The Mets finally have sealed the deal with Ryota Igarashi. The damage: 2 years, $3 million. Not too bad, actually. Nicely done. Next up, Jason BayToday?

Jeff Francoeur continues to show up everywhere, this latest wave is mostly about his ignoring OBP. Patrick Flood has some wonderful commentary.

Omar appears to be interested in relieving the Reds of Bronson Arroyo's contract. Apparently the Mets are trying to unload someone's contract before this happens.

The Mets were one of the many teams checking out Aroldis Chapman's bullpen session

Around the NL East

Roy Halladay relied on his 9 year old's advice when deciding whether to accept the Phillies' offer. That's so cute. That'll last until he gets booed for giving up his first three run homer.

The Marlins are offering their own take on the home run apple. This stadium does intrigue me a lot, actually. Florida also agreed to a $3.8 million contract with Ricky Nolasco, avoiding arbitration with the pitcher.

DC is impressing Matt Capps and Jason Marquis. There is still a lot of interest in Capps from other teams, though.

Around MLB

Nick Johnson looks likely to return to the Bronx. This is probably the final nail in the Johnny Damon Yankee coffin.

Ted Berg walks the fine line between politics and baseball