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Arbitration Applesauce - Molina sanity, Braves get Wagner, Pedroia could move to SS

The tea leaves are not looking too promising right now, are they...

Meet the Mets

Matthew Cerrone sides with reason when talking about Bengie Molina.

The Mets gave none of their free agents to -be arbitration offers. This, however, does not mean that Carlos Delgado will not return to the blue and orange.

Around the NL East

The Braves have signed Billy Wagner to be their closer, giving Boston their first round pick and a supplemental draft pick. Chris Carter still does not know how to field.

Atlanta declined to offer arbitration to their first baseman Adam LaRoche.

We're still going to see our fair share of Brian Schneider. He became quite popular on the internets yesterday as Philly fans are trying to figure out why on earth they got him.

Around MLB

If only we had an organization like Boston to root for. With the market for shortstops being overpriced, Boston management has approached Dustin Pedroia about switching to the other side of the diamond and pursuing one of the many second basemen. Oh, and they're also interested in Rich Harden.

The Angels have voted a full playoff share to Nick Adenhart.

Gregg Zaun expects to sign on with a new team by the end of this week.

And, finally, Rex Ryan has brought in Joe Girardi to teach Mark Sanchez how to slide