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Blizzard 2009 Applesauce - Klapisch says the Mets should trade Santana, Robin Ventura news, Mike Lowell trade called off

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Holy crap. I cannot believe the amount of snow we got in Virginia. This is probably the first time in history someone is going to Connecticut to get away from the snow.

Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde posts about the potential impact new field coordinator Terry Collins might have on the Met organization.

Bob Klapisch suggest that the Mets throw it in for the next three years. Two things. First, this is idiotic. Just because the press has gotten distracted by the shiny object that is Roy Halladay, does not mean that Johan Santana's reputation or abilities have declined. Secondly, even if this did make sense, would do we trust Omar to get good talent out of this?

Keith Hernandez uses Strat-o-Matic to prepare for his SNY gig

The Daily News catches up with Robin Ventura who had an ankle transplant surgery a few years ago. 

The Mets may be bidding against themselves for Jason Bay.

Around the NL East

The Phillies are hoping to keep both Scott Eyre and Jimmy Rollins around for a little while. 

Atlanta has not yet been in touch with first baseman Adam LaRoche.

The Marlins have suddenly entered the Aroldis Chapman bidding

Around MLB

The Yankees may not want Chien-Ming Wang, but there are apparently 15 other teams who are interested.

It's not often that you see a physical ruin a trade. Theo Epstein will have to wait a little longer for Adrian Beltre...

Aaron Harang may still be available as the Dodgers and Reds have reached an impasse. The Reds may be looking to dump their high priced pitching, but they are keeping around their high-priced third baseman (Scott Rolen) for a few more years. 

Billy Beane is close to signing Coco Crisp.