"Ascent into Saber Orthodoxy," or "You're Weak, Admit it"

This is all in good fun and I hope it's taken as such. The last year or so as I've been wading into the saber waters most aspects of my baseball thinking have been altered or overturned. I guess you could compare it to the conquest of superstition by the enlightenment, but it's probably more analogous to a guy who figured that flies were spontaneously generated by piles of crap until someone pointed out that that's impossible. That guy then went, "huh, that makes more sense."

I'll admit that I was surprised that baseball was being thought about so hard. I'd once said to my brother, a math phd, "hey, Tom, you should write a book about sports statistics! Like, you could do really nitty gritty research and put the often counter-intuitive results in the book! I'd bet you'd come up with some real surprising stuff, and a best seller besides!" Without thinking about it too hard, I figured that this was a subject that one smart math guy could satisfactorily dispense with in a year or two, and then we could all move on enlightened.

(Considering that none of us give proper credit to the complexity of shit that we don't know about, almost ever, this isn't surprising. "Hmm," I think to myself, "I'm in favor [or not in favor, as the case may be] of sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. I've read 13 newspaper articles and a New Yorker article about it, after all. These guys opposing my conclusion are dumbasses." If there were an Afghani Avenue, I'd be one of the simpletons that everyone gets belly aches laughing at. Not an exact analogy but you get it...)

To cut to the chase, I'm curious to know how my new found knowledge will do battle with my old rooting instincts as I watch a full season of 2010 baseball with the inherited knowledge of the smart peeps guiding me. Perhaps one day that inherited knowledge will be more fully felt when I'm pulling the levers myself and Meddler is apologizing for his ignorant impertinence. In the mean time, though, I thought it would be fun to open a discussion / do a poll about areas where we just can't put our hearts where our heads are as we actually watch ballgames. Please don't participate if you think sabermetrics are stupid, because that's not the point.

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