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Pedro Applesauce - Mets may be interested in Pedro, are interested in Maya, Braves send Vazquez to Yanks

There is nothing like home for the holidays... except when the hot water has stopped working in 20 degree weather.

Meet the Mets

The Mets are interested in bringing back Pedro? Maybe not...

Ken Takahashi has wound up with a Japanese team, hoping that he can return to the bigs some time.

Omar continues to show interest in off-the-beaten path players. This time he's showing strong interest in Cuban defector Yuniesky Maya.

Remember Desi Relaford?

Around the NL East

The Braves made the big move of yesterday, sending Javier Vazquez to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera. There are some prospects involved too. The reaction was generally anti-Brave in this one. More here. Some actual mathematic analysis of the trade here.

Washington also is doing some interesting stuff. Everyday Eddie and possibly Orlando Hudson.

The Marlins offering money to Aroldis Chapman has ruffled Josh Johnson's feathers.

Chip Caray is returning to the Braves broadcasting booth.

Around MLB

Major League Baseball and the umpires' union have reached a deal to avoid a work stoppage.

Former MLB outfielder Raul Mondesi has started a political career in the Dominican Republic.

The Royals have signed Brian Anderson, another guy who refuses to get on base.