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Mets Decade Rankings: Innings Pitched

Num Player IP From Year To Year
1 Tom Glavine 1005.1 2003 2007
2 Steve Trachsel 956.1 2001 2006
3 Al Leiter 954 2000 2004
4 John Maine 502.1 2006 2009
5 Pedro Martinez 486.2 2005 2008
6 Mike Pelfrey 479 2006 2009
7 Oliver Perez 473.2 2006 2009
8 Aaron Heilman 450.1 2003 2008
9 Johan Santana 401 2008 2009
10 Jae Weong Seo 397.1 2002 2005

Jae Seo! Number ten!

Don't forget to tell your grandkids that the Mets' two most prolific pitchers of the aughts were Tom Glavine and Steve Trachsel. Glavine is almost universally reviled by Mets' fans, though he actually had a pretty decent stretch with the Mets that was unfortunately bookended by his two worst starts. He would also show up his fielders on occasion and at times seemed to drift into clock-punching mode.

Trachsel was dubbed the "Human Rain Delay", and while he was usually a chore to watch on the mound -- and though he utterly crapped the proverbial bed in Game 3 of the 2006 NLCS -- he was a useful pitcher for a number of years, consistently outperforming his FIP. Not a great pitcher by any stretch, but he gets credit for showing up and not being terrible.