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The Final Countdown, Part Two: Giants Stadium As Shea Stadium

With some help from Jim Caldwell, Curtis Painter, Brad Smith and the Dolphins/Jaguars/Ravens/Broncos, the Jets will close down their stadium next Sunday in control of their playoff destiny. Sound vaguely familiar?* The Jets are once again evoking memories of their former co-tenants, the Mets, and in the name of the sanity of fans of both teams let's hope Ochocinco and co. lay a big egg in East Rutherford next week. Consider the following parallels and then decide who will win Jets-Bengals:

  • Giants Stadium (1/3/10) as Shea Stadium (9/28/08)
  • Mark Sanchez as Oliver Perez
  • Chad Ochocinco as Wes Helms
  • Eric Mangini as Willie Randolph
  • Laveranues Coles as Matt Lindstrom
  • Darrelle Revis as Carlos Beltran (tough to decide who is more awesome)

* -- No, the Mets didn't technically control their playoff destiny but a win that day would have guaranteed at least a one game playoff. Close enough.