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Holiday Malaise Applesauce - Bay still not signed, Mets have money, Sheets wants Ollie money

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I figure a lot of you are back to work at this point, so what better time than now to send along some links.

Meet the Mets

So, Jason Bay would rather sign in Beirut than with the Mets. It could work, but it's just not the same

Ben Sheets is hoping to make $12 million/year. Wow. That's Oliver Perez-like money.

Once again, Jeff Francoeur proves his value to this team by showing up in amazing photographs.

Patrick Flood argues that Bobby Parnell's fastball should be enough to make him a successful starting pitcher.

Buster Olney says that the Mets still have plenty of money to spend on free agents. Still doesn't mean that they should...

Remember when Juan Gonzalez coulda/shoulda/woulda been a Met?

Nick Cafardo is an idiot.

Some amazingly random stuff shows up in my Google News Alert for "New York Mets"

Around the NL East

The Nationals continue to have offseason success, this time landing closer Matt Capps

Chan Ho Park is suing former teammate Chad Kreuter for failing to pay off a $460,000 loan

Atlanta has signed Troy Glaus to play first base. Their offseason is still far from over, however.

Around MLB

Annie and Nuke break up. I wonder if Crash still has a chance.

The Daily News named Derek Jeter its New Yorker of the Year for being an inspiration to the children.