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Mets Reportedly Sign Bengie Molina for Two Years

Per ESPN 1050 via Pat Andriola, the Mets have signed Bengie Molina. We're waiting for confirmation on this one, but if true, will probably be a bad move. In the meantime, what do you think of this lineup?

  • Reyes
  • Castillo
  • Wright
  • Bay
  • Beltran
  • Francoeur
  • Murphy
  • Molina

6:22pm by Eric: If there's a vesting option worth $10 million for 2012 I'll cry.

8:37pm by Mark:  Ken Davidoff denies the rumor in an article discussing the Bay signing. 

The key, now, is for the Mets to stick to their notion of fiscal responsibility. Don't guarantee Bengie Molina two years (the current offer stands at one year and an option - ignore the inaccurate reports that the two sides are closing in on a two-year deal)

I guess its still a wait-and-see thing, but for now, I'm assuming we're allowed to let out a collective sigh of relief.