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Blanco Applesauce - Blanco traveling for physical, Mets still paying Bonilla, Phillies want Polanco

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I was really hoping that this offseason would be a great chance to recharge and get rid of the memories of 2009. That is looking less likely.

Meet the Mets

Looks like the Henry Blanco thing is going to happen. As Craig Calcaterra points out, the Mets are just about to corner the market on mediocre catchers. Hey, Jason Fry wanted a plan, he didn't really say that he wanted a GOOD one.

It's that quiet time in the offseason where it's necessary to be reminded that the Mets are still paying Bobby Bonilla. At least we have things like this to remember him for.

Theo Epstein is smarter than Omar.

Ted Berg asks where's the love for Johnny Franco? I couldn't agree more: the quintessential Met.

I hope that Omar takes advantage of the hot market for Angel Pagan.

Around the NL East

The Marlins are hoping to have their new stadium featured on the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs. That show is just amazing.

Philadelphia is hoping to have an encore Placido Polanco appearance. This time at third base.

Around MLB

Former catcher Brent Mayne could really do a better job voting for the Hall of Fame than the actual voters

Ernie Harwell made a surprise appearance at a benefit honoring Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson. Harwell was diagnosed with terminal cancer several months ago.

New MLB players' union chief Michael Weiner and Bud Selig agree that there needs to be a 7 game division series. Good luck getting the team owners to agree to shorten the regular season though.