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Finally Jason Bay Applesauce - Mets finally sign Boston left fielder, Molina may be next, Bruntlett to DC

Got a chance to listen to WFAN yesterday evening for the first time in awhile, apparently after Mike Francesa's big update. Yet, all I heard was him splashing water on Jet fans' excitement. I guess that's for the best, because I probably couldn't listen to callers' evaluations of Jason Bay for three hours.

Meet the Mets

So, Jason Bay is apparently a Met. Let's get some quick reactions:


There was also some non-Jason Bay news as well.

FanGraphs compiled a nice list of the top-10 Met prospects.

There are some reports that the Mets have also signed Bengie Molina. We don't have Francesa's confirmation on this, but Fire Jerry Manuel still can give us the perfect reaction for when the inevitable finally does happen.

What is one way to stop the Yankees and Mets from dominating the MLB salary system? Bring a third team to New York.

Around the NL East

Frank Wren is taking a lot of risks lately.

The Nationals have poached Eric Bruntlett from the Phillies.

Around MLB

Rob Neyer discusses Dave Cameron's thoughts that the "fat scouts" were right about defense.