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New Year's Eve Applesauce - More Bay reactions, 2009 Met defense, Aroldis Chapman update

Phew, just a few more hours left in the decade. Not the best decade in Mets' history, but it could have been A LOT worse.

Meet the Mets

More reactions to the Jason Bay signing. Jeff Pearlman says it's going to be a huge bust a la George Foster. Jeff Passan criticizes the signing because the Mets still are too cheap in the minor league draft. Ted Berg responds to this criticism. Pat Gallen has a Philadelphia angle on the signing, saying that Bay will suffer Citi Field's wrath.

Just to add some nice thoughts to your morning: Jason Bay's physical is no sure thing.

Patrick Flood takes on the "myth" that the 2009 Mets defense was bad.

Around MLB

Former Brave second baseman and Met killer Kelly Johnson has signed on with Arizona.

Royals Review warns all KC fans that they're only one season away from a Greinke trade.

Oakland has jumped into the Aroldis Chapman bidding.

And, finally, Mike Bordick has joined the Baltimore front office as a roving small ball coach.