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Winter Meetings Applesauce - Omar Arrives, Lackey Wants To Get Paid, Barajas An Option Over Molina

It's that time of year again, the Winter Meetings.  Hopefully MLBTradeRumors' server is prepared for this week's onslaught.

Meet The Mets

Omar Minaya arrived at the Meetings in Indianapolis and Adam Rubin caught up with him.  The two men are both grown-ups but I have to think their relationship is and always will be quite awkward.  Also, the title of the interview reminds me of this (potentially NSFW, scroll over the link to see what it is).

There is buzz that John Lackey wants more money than A.J. Burnett, who got five years, $82.5 million from the Yankees last offseason.  No thanks on that one.

Ken Davidoff tweets that the Mets are considering Rod Barajas as an alternative to Bengie Molina.  Neither is preferable, but Barajas at 1 year and small money is preferable to Molina at multiple years and fat money.

Anthony McCarron reports that "free agents are aware that Citi Field will hurt slugger statistics".  While it's too early to make any park factor claims about Citi Field, it would be nice if the left field wall was a little lower.

Metsmerized interviews the Star Ledger's Brian Costa, one of the better local Mets writers out there.

Mets Police notes that Bill Madden's weekend article was revised to omit the word "Latin" when discussing players Omar Minaya goes after.  Not sure how that one slipped by the editors in the first place.

Joe Janish at Mets Today discusses the possibility of trading for Josh Willingham.

Ted Berg was in DC this weekend watching Georgetown basketball lay the smackdown on American basketball, so posting at Tedquarters was in short supply.  He did manage to write about the possibility of Pat Burrell coming to the Mets and a first base platoon opportunity.

Fernando Martinez is having blister problems while playing in the Dominican Winter League.  Enter Moises Alou and his advice for toughening up hands.

There will be an 'Amazin' Avenue Hot Stove Huddle' next Wednesday night, December 16th, at River in Manhattan.  A panel of esteemed guests who know what they're talking about is being assembled.  I will also be attending.

Around The NL East

Bill at Crashburn Alley has officially put Raul Ibanez and Ruben Amaro "on notice".

The Rays might have interest in struggling flamethrower Matt Lindstrom.

Fire Jim Bowden continues its offseason outlook, this time profiling the Nationals outfield.

Capitol Avenue Club provides a Winter Meetings primer.

Around MLB

USSMariner created a Twitter list of Mariner beat writers, in order to save their servers. 

Mike Cameron is on the Cubs to-do list.  He would be a great addition to any team.

Jeff at Beyond the Boxscore provides examples of headlines that will help your blog get noticed.

Tom Tango rresponds to a question about the WAR/salary model and why it is right.

It's Hall of Fame season, and that means we'll be seeing the always hilarious Jack Morris campaigning.  Here's Murray Chass with one example (via BBTF).  To sum up all the Morris arguments in one long sentence: "He was an ace, pitched to the score, won a classic 10-inning game, started on Opening Day a ton of times, had little use for female journalists and had a moustache."