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My Dreams Come True: Mets Pursuing 2B Adam Kennedy

From Rosenthal:

The Mets and Diamondbacks are the teams showing the most interest in free agent Adam Kennedy, major-league sources say, viewing him as a potential starter at second base.

The Mets, if they traded Luis Castillo, could sign Kennedy as a less expensive option than Orlando Hudson. The Diamondbacks, who traded Felipe Lopez to the Brewers last July, also are looking for help at second.

Kennedy is a big favorite of mine. He plays a great 2B (8.2 career UZR/150), and would be a huge boon to our defense and a good complement to a Joel Piniero signing. A career .317 wOBA hitter, Kennedy hit .337 (wOBA) last year. I bet the Mets (and the market) think Orlando Hudson is the better player, but that's arguably not true.