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Twitter Is Ridiculous Applesauce - Omar Meets The Agents, Juan Pierre Is Available And Nonsensical Rumors

It seems reporters/"journalists" are neglecting to consider source bias and failing to corroborate rumors with multiple sources before posting on Twitter or a blog.  All in the name of page hitzzz I suppose. 

Meet the Mets

Omar Minaya met with the agents for various players last night, including John Lackey, Jason Marquis, Bengie Molina, Joel Pineiro and Randy Wolf.

In an interview with Daily 'Stache, Adam Rubin says the Mets should focus on pitching this offseason, namely Lackey.  He also says Jeff Francoeur is the most reliable provider of good quotes. 

Steve Henson says that 3-4 teams are interested in Dodgers OF Juan Pierre.  A trade for Pierre would likely include a bad contract player, AKA Luis Castillo.  No thanks on Pierre.  Speaking of undesirable players, Jerry Crasnick reports that Elmer Dessens will likely re-sign with the Mets.  If it's a major league deal you better get ready for Dessens Avenue.

Ken Davidoff tweets that Yorvit Torrealba is on the Mets radar.  Interesting, considering the bizarre chain of events involving the Mets and Torrealba two offseasons ago.

Joel Sherman reports that a John Maine for Corey Hart trade is being discussed.  Hart is just 27 years old and two years removed from a 4+ win season but I'd rather hold on to Maine.  Will at BlueAndOrange agrees and thinks the deal is plausible, especially considering Omar Minaya's affinity for bad corner outfielders.

Mets Fever is also a fan of Adam Kennedy.  If Castillo can be moved, Kennedy is the way to go. 

LOL Rumors of the Day

Early yesterday it was reported that Pat Burrell had been traded to the Mets.  This story was debunked almost immediately and the original story has been taken down from PhillyBlurbs, the website with the original report.  Folks, cool it with your bogus anonymous sources, you're not providing a valuable service and it's annoying.  No one is impressed.

Ed Price of Fanhouse tweeted the following yesterday:

Rumor that #Mets acquire Edwin Jackson

This was followed shortly by a clarification tweet from Price:

To be clear: #Mets and Edwin Jackson not confirmed. Heard in the lobby.

Why not get confirmation before posting the rumor?  Does "heard in the lobby" count as a reliable source nowadays?

Around MLB

The Nationals gave Pudge Rodriguez 2 years, $6 million for some reason.

Randy Wolf reportedly signed with the Brewers for 3 years and an unknown dollar amount.

Chuck Brownson at The Hardball Times discusses swaps for bad contracts, including Dontrelle Willis, Milton Bradley, Gil Meche and Kevin Millwood.

Tim Marchman thinks an intra-Chicago trade between the Cubs and White Sox involving Milton Bradley makes sense.

Matt Murton, a notorious ginger and player good enough to start on many major league teams, is going to play for the Hanshin Tigers in Japan.  I wonder if Murton realizes he's good enough for MLB.

Off topic link of the day: Tom Tango reviews the incredibly enjoyable movie Taken and heaps justifiable praise on Liam Neeson.  I agree with him, Taken is fantastic.