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Jerry Manuel Is A Liar

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Okay, so that was just an attention-grabber. At the very least, manager Jerry Manuel has a history of being disingenuous, as Anthony Rieber illustrates in Newsday.

On June 29, Manuel pulled Carlos Delgado for defense and put in Fernando Tatis. "It's nothing against Carlos," Manuel said. "I think, as a manager, that Tatis is a tremendous first baseman and I don't think it'd be fair to the team if I didn't do that."

He never did it again.

On July 28, Manuel said of Tatis, "He right now is our leftfielder. There is no question about that."

The next day, Tatis started in rightfield, the position he manned almost exclusively for the next month before Ryan Church returned to the lineup.

When he took over for Willie Randolph, Manuel emphasized the need to rest David Wright more often. Wright sat June 24. And in the final three months of the season, he was rested again -- once.

On Sept. 23, Manuel said he was going to stick with the struggling Castillo for the last week of the season. "Luis has been in this situation before," he said. "He's experienced ... I think he could be a very valuable asset."

Castillo didn't start another game.

This was mostly in response to Manuel's "decision" this past weekend that Daniel Murphy would be the starter in left field and that Fernando Tatis would platoon with Ryan Church in right. Hat tip to Rieber for doing the research on this so I didn't have to. I don't think that Manuel is being intentionally deceitful; I think he just floats ideas out there and allows them to masquerade as his true intentions. The reality is that there are still six weeks of spring training to go and there will be plenty of other declarative assertions on Manuel's part that we will have to do our best to parse for veracity.