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Mets In The World Baseball Classic

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On Sunday, players will flee big league training camp for their respective WBC camps, and the Mets will be a little thin on talent over the next month or so. Here's who they'll be missing (hat tip David Lennon for the list):

Stefan Welch

Shawn Bowman

Dominican Republic
Jose Reyes

Elmer Dessens
Oliver Perez

Ruben Tejada

Puerto Rico
Pedro Feliciano
Nelson Figueroa
Alex Cora
Carlos Delgado
Carlos Beltran
Jesus Feliciano

United States
J.J. Putz
David Wright

Francisco Rodriguez

This list doesn't include Johan Santana, who will be sitting out the WBC because it would border on criminally stupid for the Mets' most important pitcher to compete in a (mostly) meaningless nationalistic baseball tournament after he underwent offseason knee surgery for one reason or another. So if you're making the great schlep to Port St. Lucie this spring to see the Mets, well, at least Johan'll be there.