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Welcome To Amazin' Avenue

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Yesterday afternoon, SB Nation officially implemented a distribution partnership with Yahoo! Sports to feature our network's content on Yahoo!'s pages. The rollout will be phased, but you can already see it in action on the Mets' team page:

Neat stuff, for sure. You can read more about it from our CEO. The upshot is that we're going to see an influx of new users coming over from Yahoo! -- including yourself, perhaps -- and I'd like to take this time to welcome them to Amazin' Avenue and give them all a quick tour of the joint.

For starters, I'm Eric Simon and I've been running Amazin' Avenue (AA) since its inception in February 2005. This site is a part of SB Nation, an amazing network of almost 200 blogs covering baseball, football, basketball, hockey, NCAA, MMA, cycling, soccer, golf, etc. I want you to stick around here for a while, but I also encourage you to check out our other sports offerings. We have fantastic writers covering almost every professional sports team, so definitely check them out.

At Amazin' Avenue, you can expect to find daily insight, analyis, news and commentary on all things Mets. Some regular and semi-regular features you'll see here:

  • Live gamethreads for every regular season game, most spring training games and, Jebus-willing, postseason games, too.
  • A recap thread following every game featuring game analysis, win probablity graphs, and more.
  • Regular contests and giveaways, including Name That Pitcher, Name That Batter, and monthly gamethread swag contests.

The most compelling feature of Amazin' Avenue is that this site is as much about you as it is about me or anyone else. The community here has grown and flourished in recent months and years because our platform encourages it. If you're content being a loyal (or just occasional) reader of Amazin' Avenue then you'll find plenty to fill your time. If you want to get more involved by submitting your own stories/opinions/editorials/analyses you can do so via FanPosts, which are just like regular posts here except that they appear on the right sidebar (and anyone can write them, not just front page authors). Especially good FanPosts will be promoted to the front page.

If you don't feel like writing long-form but want to post a link to an article or a picture or a YouTube video, you can do that via FanShots. Like FanPosts, particularly interesting or relevant FanShots will be promoted to the front page, too. You can read more about FanPosts and FanShots by checking out our How-To: Posting FanPosts & FanShots guide.

If you don't feel like contributing FanPosts or FanShots you can still participate in the discussion by popping into the comments on any article, FanPost or FanShot that someone else has written. There are a lot of neat tools built into the commenting system so you might want to peruse our How-To: Posting Comments guide. And before you get carried away thinking this is a message board, you might want to read our Comment Guidelines to make sure we're all on the same page with regard to mutual respect, courtesy and an accepted level of discourse.

Oh, and if you're on Facebook or Twitter, we're there as well.

That should get you started, I think. If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email. So be smart, get along, have fun, and welcome to Amazin' Avenue!