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Mets Starting Pitcher PECOTA Comparables

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PECOTA pitcher cards are now available at Baseball Prospectus for the 2009 season. Here are the Mets' potential starters and their first five PECOTA comparables.

Mets Pitcher Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Comp 4 Comp 5
Johan Santana Frank Viola Mickey Lolich Johnny Antonelli Don Sutton Warren Spahn
John Maine Dick Woodson Steve Bedrosian Ernie Broglio Steve Arlin Ron Darling
Oliver Perez Tim Lollar Barry Zito Kevin Gross Don Gullett Steve Carlton
Mike Pelfrey Chris Carpenter Ron Romanick Jamey Wright Brian Holman Dave Coggin
Tim Redding Jim Wilson Josh Fogg Jim Colborn Ramon Ortiz Armando Reynoso
Freddy Garcia Stan Williams Rick Helling Ted Power Turk Farrell Jim Clancy
  • Interestingly, Ron Darling was Perez's #6 comparable; Bob Ojeda was #11. His #5 comparable is why everybody loves him; his #1 comparable is why he's so frustrating.
  • Pelfrey's #1 comp is encouraging. Chris Carpenter was one of the game's better pitchers a few years back before injuries knocked him down.
  • I think we'd all be pretty happy if Maine turned out like his #5.
  • Redding & Garcia: What did you expect?