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Wednesday Applesauce

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Am I the last person to know that Duaner Sanchez's nickname on the blogosphere was Dirty? And am I the only one disturbed by that at all?

Around Port St. Lucie

John Maine gave up 5 runs, all from 2 home runs, in 3 innings in yesterday's 5-5 10 inning tie against the Nationals. Nick Evans, Cory Sullivan, Marlon Anderson, and Ryan Church all had multiple hit games and the bullpen provided 7 shutout innings. The Mets, however, committed 4 errors. Better quotes from Maine this time around, saying he felt good, but was just missing. 

The Mets take today off from their exhibition schedule, but Pelfrey and Niese will throw on the side today. Reminder, Santana is pitching tomorrow.

Make of this what you will. Manuel is upset that Omar cut Sanchez, but should he be really? The writing was on the wall for quite some time. I think Matt Cerrone is right about this though, saying that it shows the Met players that they have Manuel's support.

I feel like I go through the exact same thought process every time the Mets are considering signing an older player.

NY Sports Dog discusses the 2009 potential Mets bench. I think I'm the only person who hasn't lost hope in Marlon Anderson as a pinch hitter.

Mike Silva tells us not to be too impressed with Pedro's WBC performance and that he should retire. Pedro might have no choice, as Buster Olney is reporting that the Mets will not sign him. 

With the Netherlands' stunning 2-1 upset of the Dominican Republic comes some good news for the Mets. Jose Reyes is back in camp!

Around the NL East

Federal Baseball has a few posts about Adam Dunn's impact on the Nationals. One which predicts his historic stats for this year, despite the lack of significant lineup protection. The other analyzing his impact as the face of the franchise. has a rundown of the Phillies' top prospects.

Be sure to defend our turf against potential Philadelphia invaders  on May 6th and 7th.

The Braves bullpen continues to come together, this time with Rafael Soriano impressing in his Spring debut.

That Garrett Anderson injury is more severe than originally reported and the team has pushed his return back to "hopefully" opening day.

Marlin outfielders Cody Ross and Jeremy Hermida are adjusting to their new spots. This is just one aspect of what looks to be an awful defensive team.

Around MLB

The Yankees will probably stand pat in their search for A-Rod's replacement and will start Cody Ransom. 

The Angels hope to be a deeper team without Mark Texeira. They're probably right too. Meanwhile, the LA Times profiles Mike Sciosia, sticking it to the Dodgers at the same time.

Ken Griffey and Lou Piniella reunited for a day, tears flowed.

WBC Update

Venezuela eliminated Italy 10-1 last night

The Netherlands pulled off an amazing upset of the Dominican Republic 2-1 in extra innings.

Cuba defeated Australia 5-4 to advance to the second round.

Depressing Recession News

The bartender at Cheers for 35 years was laid off.