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Make-The-Mets-O-Meter: Week 3 - Pitchers

Check out yesterday's post for this week's MTMOM for batters.

Player Comment
Michael Antonini, LHP No runs allowed, but just two innings of work so far.
Adam Bostick, LHP Four walks and two runs in two innings. There's a reason he isn't getting too many chances.
Rocky Cherry, RHP* One run allowed in four innings. Just one strikeout but, again, just four innings.
Valerio De Los Santos, LHP A coupla runs in 4.1 innings, De Los Santos has actually been given quite a bit of work so far.
Matt DeSalvo, RHP Gave up a solo homerun and little else in five innings this spring. He won't make the team out of camp but if he were actually competing for a spot he'd have something to say about it.
Elmer Dessens, RHP He's been playing with Mexico in the WBC, which can't exactly be helping his chances of making the Mets. Not that he really had one anyway.
Nelson Figueroa, RHP Was playing for Panama until that team was eliminated from WBC contention. He'll wind up in Buffalo.
Casey Fossum, LHP Six strikeouts in 5.2 innings are nice. Seven hits, a walk and two HBP plus four runs allowed are crummy.
Freddy Garcia, RHP 20.25 ERA. That is all.
Dillon Gee, RHP Gee has looked pretty good this spring. He had one tough inning that was exacerbated by some Swiss-cheese fielding by the Mets.
Livan Hernandez, RHP Hernandez is leading the team with 7.2 innings pitched. And nine hits allowed. And he's fat.
Brandon Knight, RHP* Knight is just getting his reps in before reporting to Triple-A/his next career.
Eddie Kunz, RHP* Hasn't been too ruff™, actually.
Tom Martin, LHP Strained his right calf last week. Outlook not so good.
Carlos Muniz, RHP* Hasn't been good, but hey, it's his birthday! Happy 27th, Carlos!
Jon Niese, LHP* I like the kid, but he's losing the numbers game, both in his individual numbers (they're bad) and the fact that there are a few guys ahead of him on the depth chart.
Darren O'Day, RHP* Leading Mets relievers with 6.0 innings tossed, he has only allowed one run and walked one and has been getting plenty of groundballs.
Bobby Parnell, RHP* Six walks in three innings. Yikes.
Connor Robertson, RHP* Q: Only two innings pitched. Is that a bad sign? A: Yes, yes it is.
Heriberto Ruelas, LHP As many runs allowed as innings pitched (3).
Kyle Snyder, RHP Nine baserunners in five innings = report to minor league camp posthaste.
Brian Stokes, RHP* One run, three strikeouts, no walks, five innings.
John Switzer, LHP Just taking up space.

= Chance of making the Mets is unchanged.
= Chance of making the Mets is going down.
= Chance of making the Mets is going up.
* = player on 40-man roster