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Carlos Beltran Q&A

As transcribed by David Lennon:

Q: Were you surprised to be so locked in for March?
CB: Well, I felt good at the plate. There were days where I didn’t feel that great and I was able to get a couple hits. There were days I felt great at the plate. So I mean, I didn’t do anything different. The intensity of the games was different so probably you concentrate a little bit more.

Q: How did that McCann catch rate in your personal highlight reel?
CB: It was fun. It was a fun catch. I think that the one that I did last year against (Ryan) Ludwick, that was a better catch because that ball was really over the fence. That one was going to be a home run. Maybe one feet away from the fence. It was difficult because it was windy that day. When I was going back I thought I was going in the right direction. All of the sudden I saw that ball going the opposite way. It was kind of like I jumped and was fully extended. It was great. Every time you make a play like that and you’re able to save a run it makes you feel good."

Q: How disappointing was it to be eliminated by Team USA?
CB: After we scored those two runs in the eighth, I thought we were going to be able to win that ballgame. It comes to the position where the bullpen – we didn’t have basically anyone in the bullpen. Now I know why it’s so important to have a closer on a team. If we would have had a good closer we would have won that game. But unfortunately we didn’t have that guy and USA took advantage. They were able to come through. They had a great team. Everybody on their team, they’re basically an All-Star. That’s an All-Star team.

Q: Jerry Manuel said you’re going to get a few days off. Do you want to play immediately or rest?
CB: I’m sore all over the place. I’ve got to say that. I’m sore all over the place. My legs are sore. But it’s a good sore. It’s a sore that, I mean, I was running around all over the place. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the moment. I’ll be ready when Jerry puts me in the lineup. I can’t wait to be out there with the guys.

Beltran hit .421/.542/.632 in 19 at-bats for Puerto Rico in the WBC.