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Amazin' Avenue Swag Contest

The Amazin' Avenue Swag Contest is back for the 2009 season. We've moved the contest to its own domain, so now you can always find it at If you're new to the site or just don't remember what the Swag Contest is all about, here are a few helpful links:

The basic gist is that every Mets game has a corresponding contest form with some fill-in questions to answer. You'll always have to predict the score of the game as well as the Mets' starting pitcher's game score, and then we throw in another couple of questions that will change from game to game. After each game is over, we fill in the correct responses and every entry is scored based on those answers. At the end of the month, the person with the most points wins a prize, which could be a Mets DVD set or some items from the team shop or something else we think of along the way.

So you can get acclimated before the season, we've set up the swag contest to run for the remaining twelve spring training games, including this afternoon's matchup with the Astros. So check out the links above for more information and then head on over to to participate.