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Free Video Games

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Last year I was sent a bunch of copies of MLB 08: The Show for PlayStation 3. For one reason or another I never wound up unloading them all, and I have five copies of the game sitting in my office. Consider them leftover 2008 swag. I realize MLB 09: The Show is already on store shelves, but everybody likes free stuff, even year-old video games.

So rather than burn the games I'm just going to give them to you guys. I'll even cover shipping within the continental US. The first five people to email me and correctly answer the following easy questions will get the games. The only requirements are that you *must* have an Amazin' Avenue account and at least 10 comments to your credit, so be sure to include your AA username in the email1.

Here are the questions:

  1. What was the date of the first ever post at Amazin' Avenue? (Hint: try searching the site for "sabermets")
  2. What is the URL of the Amazin' Avenue Swag Contest? (Hint: check out the "Contest Rules" link on the left sidebar)

Good luck.

1Don't sign up and post ten useless comments today. You'll get bupkis for that, pal.